Geocaching Link Service

This is a quick and easy geocaching link service, use it to quickly open cache pages, send links to your friends etc.

Geocaching.com codes

You can use any geocaching short code (GC, GL, TB, PR, BM, WM) by just adding the code after gc.link/
If you want to log a cache, just add /log after the GC-kode.

Tracking trackables

You can use gc.link/track/[tracking code] to get to the trackable page on geocaching.com.

Quick links

  • gc.link/my - takes you to your dashboard on geocaching.com
  • gc.link/pq - takes you to your pocket queries on geocaching.com
  • gc.link/profile - takes you to your public profile on geocaching.com
  • gc.link/profile/[username] - takes you to the profile of the user on geocaching.com
  • gc.link/map - takes you to the map on geocaching.com

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